Conservation Training

Mal is qualified at the FATG's Advanced level in Conservation framing and regularly in demand to speak on Conservation Framing at different venues both in the UK and overseas.  Courses offer an introduction to Conservation methods and techniques at GCF level and at an advanced level for those who are studying for their GCF Advanced Accreditation in Conservation.  These courses introduces the candidate to Conservation Framing Principles from a basic to advanced level, providing a sound understanding of the theory of conservation and how to apply these principles in practice.


Mal has given seminars and workshops at a number of occasions including; the Spring Fair(NEC), International Baget Forum(Moscow), the Conservation Department of the University of Lincoln and the Fine Art Trade Guilds 'Making Pictures.'


Many of the topics covered are in the following references:

Mals Masterclass - Arqadia.

Ask the Experts - Arqadia.

Conservation Framing - Annabelle Ruston - published by the Fine Art Trade Guild.

Conservation Mounting for Prints and Drawings - Joanna Kosek ISBN 1-873132-59-X.

Seminars, Framing Myths and Read, Reflect and Learn under the heading of "ARTICLES"

Courses can be tailored to a candidates requirements and are either on a one or two day basis.









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