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Mount Cutting Service

Harlequin Frames offers a comprehensive mount cutting service both to the trade and general public using a Valiani Computerised Mount Cutter (CMC). Using a number of different cutting heads gives this machine the capability to cut, emboss and draw wash lines for the most complicated of mounts for both volume and creative artwork. Multi aperture mounts in single, double or triple formats, mounts with slips and creative mounts are produced to customer's requirements.  To find out more, visit our sister website at

What are the functions of a Mount?
A mount serves four broad functions:

1.To support and protect the subject:
The windowmount (or combination of mounts) ensures the subject does not come into contact with the glass. An additional piece is used as an undermount which when placed behind the subject protects it from impurities in the frames backing.

Ribbon Circles Final Mount

2.To determine the image size:
A mount can be cut to conceal sections of the subject being framed and/or to enlarge the subject to fit a specified frame size. With the use of a windowmount an aperture can be cut to show only the main subject, obscuring a lot of the unwanted picture. The widths of the border can be be sized to the customers requirement.

3.To enhance the subject:
By creating a given space between the subject and the frame in a complementary colour, the eye is naturally drawn to the subject giving a more focused appreciation of the subject.

4.To provide a decorative medium:
The windowmount can be decorated to enhance the subject. An extra window aperture can also be cut allowing for a title or inscription to be added. Two or three mounts (double or triple mounts) of different colours can be used with different aperture sizes and shapes so when mounted on top of each other.

Everest comp   Gateway comp   Red Arrows Name Mount
Mounts for all occasions, any size or number Shaped Mounts cut to your design Red Arrows name mount with photos from the 2010 Calendar

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