Conservation mounting and Hinging

This seminar outlines Conservation amounting and hinging.  It covers how to construct the following mount packages:

  • Basic mount package comprising window and under mounts.
  • Overthrow Clip Mount.
  • Overthrow Inset Mount.
  • Float Mount.
  • Shadow Float Mount.

Further, it details the methodology of the  'T-Hinge,' 'V and Z' hinges and finally the 'Pass Through Hinge.' 

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Conservation Framing Principles

This seminar covers the conservation principles at the Fine Art Trade Guild Conservation Level of Framing. Detailing the quality of framing required to protect high value artwork and other items from physical and mechanical damage, airborne pollutants and acids generated by framing materials, under normal environmental conditions. 

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Conservation Mounting and Hinging

In this masterclass we will look at Conservation mounting and hinging. Starting with the mount package and then focusing on two types of hinges; the standard ‘T-Hinge’ and the ‘Pass Through Hinge’ generally used for float mounting. All materials and techniques are at FATG Conservation and/or Museum level framing. 

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Canvas Art/Floater Frame

Using canvas artwork in interior design is a popular way of affordably furnishing the walls of a home, office or retail outlet. Whether a pre-printed painting, or a favourite family photograph, a piece of canvas artwork can provide an effective way of covering large spaces on blank walls, however, it is not always the most inspiring or inventive.

In Issue 10, Mal will take you through the step-by-step process of how to fix a 'Floater' frame to canvas artwork in order to add that little extra pizzazz. With his handy hints and advice, you will be able to help your customers make the most out of their canvas art with a professional and decorative framing solution. 

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