Magna Carta Facsimile

The photograph shows the early stages in the conservation framing of a facsimile of the Magna Carta, on vellum.  The frame is to be made from 12th Century oak taken from Lincoln Cathedral and machined by the Cathedral workshops.  For those interested watch for the article in 'Articles'


Awards Finalist

Mal's entry into the Fine Art Trade Guild's Guild's Challenge Award is one of four finalists.  The theme of this year's competition is 'Alice in Wonderland' and Mal's entry features the 'gardeners painting the roses red' 


It features three Zinnfiguren pieces that Mal painted, in oils, some years ago.  The pieces include the Queen and King of Hearts and of course the three gardeners featured as the two, five and seven of spades.  These are placed in a box with a back which includes Alice and the story of the painting of the roses.

Zinnfiguren, of German origin, are also known as flats and not well known - they are made of metal, normally tin, and approximately 30mm high and 3mm wide with a wide variety of figures.  The Alice collection features almost all of the figures included in the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.


Present Framing Projects

Existing framing projects as of April 2015 include:

A Medieval Enamelled Bronze Horse harness Pendant of Sir Robert Fitzwalter who was one of 25 Barons acting as sureties of the Magna Carta.

Continued framing of Poppies from the Tower of London.

An article describing the method of framing the poppies will appear in the next issue of Arqadia's 4Walls magazine and keep an eye open for the finished Horse pendant in articles. 


Conservation Service

Harlequin Frames has teamed up with WHConservation in order to provide a conservation service; providing both specialist advice and where necessary treatment of all types of artwork and objects.  Both Leah and Terri graduated with a Masters Degree in the Conservation of Historic Objects from the University of Lincoln and have extensive experience in conservation work. 

The photograph shows Leah and Terri working on the conservation and documentation of a rare set of seventeenth century Flemish tapestries at Doddington Hall near Lincoln.


Conservation Masterclass - Jan

Mal working with students from all levels of the BA(Hons) course in the Conservation of Historic Objects at the University of Lincoln.  A conservation and framing, practical, workshop covering the Supporting Artwork without Adhesives - Polygonal Edges Strips and Hypoxic Enclosures. 


4Walls Issue 15

The subject of Mal's Masterclass in this Issue of 4Walls is the use of mountslips to enhance one's artwork.

To read the full article click here

4Walls Issue 14

Read Mal's Masterclass in 4Walls Issue 14 here



Conservation Masterclass

Oct 2014  Conservation framing seminars and workshops at the University of Lincoln during the Conservation Department's Masterclass week.  Mal has given two seminars; Conservation Principles and Mounting and Hinging and a workshop on the same subject.


Well received with thought provoking questions


Conservation Mounting of Works on Paper

An Institute of Conservation workshop sponsored by the Claire Hampson Fund.  3 - 5 Sep inclusive.

Mal has managed to secure one of only 18 places on this highly sort after three day workshop led by US Conservator Hugh Phibbs.  Hugh was Coordinator of Preservation Services at the National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. for more than 30 years, and has taught and published widely on the preservation of works on paper.

This three-day workshop will review historical mounting methods and then address issues such as:

-  the chemical and physical factors affecting paper in enclosures/assemblies and the technical solutions to manage them.
-  the use of adhesives such as natural and synthetic aqueous adhesives as well as acrylic copolymers.
-  papers used for hinging and different methods of applying adhesives, including the use of micro dots.
-  mounting without adhesive, if hinges cannot be used.
-  describing and understanding the performance of buffers, filters, barriers and scavengers.


Visit to Making Colour Exhibition - National Gallery

Mal to visit the Making Colour Exhibition at the National Gallery - 2 September.

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