Excellence through expertise, education and empowerment

WHConservation is a partnership working primarily out of Lincoln and serving the East Midlands region. We specialise in providing practical historic object conservation, restoration and collection care services, and conservation-related training to SME in the heritage sector as well as private individuals. We also promote conservation as a discipline and profession through community and educational outreach activities.

We aim to bring affordable and effective conservation solutions to the heritage communities of the East Midlands, and believe that sustainability and development in these areas and the sector as a whole can be achieved by working proactively and imaginatively, with current challenges and trends facing the cultural heritage sector.

Our vision is to provide a service which meets the needs and demands of the sector head-on; promoting proactive skills development among staff and volunteers, preserving the at-risk skills of the Conservator through educational outreach, and preserving the tangible past, to share with its future custodians.




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Sandpiper Art


Inspiration by Artist Caroline Woodward.

Living by the coast has directly influenced many aspects of my life and has quickly become my home. The coastline is ever changing, covering up the old and abandoning new objects with every tide. You can track the movements of the moon and if you look towards the horizon sometimes you can feel the curve of the earth. The sea, shoreline and its life permeates these series of works and I have found that through the creation of these images that I have developed a deeper understanding and appreciation of this ephemeral landscape


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