Mal Reynolds GCF Adv

Mal came to framing late in life which rapidly turned into his third career. After leaving school he became an apprentice draughtsman before gaining a degree in mechanical engineering; he then served 31 years as a navigator in the Royal Air Force.

On retirement he turned his attention to his hobby of many years, picture framing; starting Harlequin Frames in 2000.  Mal gained his GCF in May 2002.  He then took and passed the Textile Advanced Accreditation in May 2006 and the Conservation Framing Advanced Accreditation in August 2011.  Mal took and passed the last of the three Advanced Accreditations Mount Design and Function June 2017.  He now joins an elite number of framers of which there are only three framers in the UK with all three qualifications.

A member of the Framing Standards and Qualifications Committee since 2007 and its Chair since 2014  Mal’s aim has been to improve the standard of the Guild’s framing qualifications with a view to the GCF(APF) being recognised at national level and, as a secondary objective, the introduction of an apprenticeship scheme.  He has been instrumental in introducing Continuing Professional Development and the change in qualification from Guild Commended to Guild Certified Framer introducing the requirement to re-certify every two years.

As an author Mal regularly writes articles for A+FT and Arqadia’s 4Walls magazine under the heading of ‘Mal’s Masterclass.’  In addition, he frequently conducts framing workshops and seminars for the Guild and has lectured and demonstrated overseas.


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